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Grooming a Westie

Westie’s coat is quite complex and requires special needs, especially if it is not cut short. However, they are quite easy to groom and they will always know that they are fabulous, or at least they will act like it. The West Highland White Terrier must be trained not to bark, but maybe they will attract your attention whenever it is time for brushing. Here are some tips for grooming your Westie pup so you will both have a happy life together.

How often should you bath your Westie?

Westies have a double coat – one that is short and another one almost two inches long. Their coat is designed to help your pup from both the weather and the claws and teeth of his quarry. Show Westies must have their coat white, otherwise they will be eliminated from the show ring. However, by washing your pup regularly you will maintain a neat and clean white coat.

Without regular brushing and trimming, your pet will look and feel miserable. Their coat needs to be trimmed around the eyes, ears and on their feet. When a bath is necessary, do not skip this important experience. Keep your Westie’s coat free from dirt and debris and your pet will always look like they are on a show. Do not bath your pet too often, their coat’s texture may change. Bath once every six months or when your pup is way too dirty to stay that way and use dog safe soaps and shampoos that do not affect their health or appearance.

Brush your Westie to maintain the coat clean between the baths. Just once or twice per week is enough to ensure the clean and white appearance of their coat. Dirt and loose hair will be removed and you will soon see how your dog will smile happily to you. Clip your pup’s nails regularly, cut their coat in the haircut desired and pay attention to their ears, which are prone to diseases. Follow these advices and you will become an expert in grooming your pooch!