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How to train your Westie

The West Highland White Terrier – or Westie- is a happy breed that will bring joy into your home. Whether you live alone or with your family, this pup will change everything even since the first moment it will enter your house. Although the first 24 hours will be a little overwhelming and your pet will be unsettled and cry, you will get used to each other’s presence and you will soon be able to start training your Westie.

How quickly will your puppy learn?

Experts state that is never too early to start training your West Highland White Terrier. As an intelligent and very playful breed, your Westie will be glad to learn the basics and even funnier tricks. Use the meal time for training and reward your pet every time when it succeeds to respond properly to your command. The first thing you should teach your pup is to come back to you. You will accomplish this task if you let her loose in your house and call her name when she is away. If she comes back to you, treat her with her favourite food and within hours your Westie will be trained.

However, toilet training is something that each dog owner will eventually go through. Remember that your pet will want to relieve herself after eating, after a good sleep or even after running, so make sure you get her outside whenever you think it is necessary. Use the newspaper method to gradually teach your pup toilet training or get the advice of an experienced trainer if you do not manage it all alone.

Some dog owners rub their pet’s nose in a puddle when it happens to appear one. But this is wrong and your Westie will not understand why you do that. Instead of this, say NO when they start to wee inside the house and bring them quickly outside, when they will finish their business. Be patient and reward your Westie anytime when they learn a new command. Pay attention to their needs, give them a warm reception when they come to your order and you will have a happy life together!