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Should you get a Westie?

Also known as Westie, the West Highland White Terrier is one of the most adorable dog breed ever. They love having their belly rubbed and they are very sociable and friendly with everyone. Although they really appreciate the human companionship, they might jealous when it comes to other dogs’ presence. Read further and find out if you can be the owner of a happy Westie.

Things you did not know about Westies

The West Highland White Terrier is tenacious, fearless, spunky, self-assured and with a curiosity that will often make you smile. Despite the fact they are quite little, they have plenty of energy and you will have to walk them on a daily basis to make sure that they will not get bored. They are pretty loud, so they make a great watchdog. But do not leave them alone for too long, especially if you do not want them to become destructive and ruin some things on your property.

If you have stubborn rodents on your property, your Westie will chase them all over your yard until you will no longer be visited by these nosy little creatures. We all know the problems that rodents can cause, so your white terrier will do a great job in banishing them. Yet your pet will need plenty of interactive playing and chasing the moles or gophers will barely be enough for their massive amounts of energy.

When the https://www.eros.com escorts will come at your place, your Westie will bark a lot, but they will eventually befriend with your guests. Your pet will soon salute them politely with a wag of tail then they will leave you alone, for there are many other interesting things that must be explored in your home. Keep your cabinets shut if you do not want your dog to mess up something! Remember that their curious nature cannot be restrained so do not keep anything precious at their reach.

You can get a Westie whether you live on a large property or in a small apartment. They will adapt quickly to any space and they will always be a delightful presence if you will pet them every once in a while. But if you do not have great leadership skills and you do not think you can be the leader of your pack, your Westie will become unstoppable and it will be hard to get along with this breed.

Despite the fact that they are not happy when you give them commands, you might succeed to train your Westie do a few funny tricks. But you will have to treat them well, otherwise they will not listen to a word you are saying. Socialize a lot with them, go out and play several times a day and your pet will be quiet and calm at home.

Play Frisbee, lure racing, obstacles jumping and many other games that will keep them busy for minutes in a row. Constantly try to find new, more interesting activities aimed to consume your pet’s energy. Jog with your dog, take him on a cycling tour and make sure they will stay fit and healthy. Get a charming Westie if you have time for them and make sure they will brighten up your days!